Stem Cell & PRP Hair Transplant
Available In Pittsburgh, PA  

Stem Cell & PRP Hair Transplant surgery incorporates the cutting-edge science of stem cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy with traditional hair transplant surgery to deliver healthier, denser hair growth.

Benefits of Stem Cell & PRP Assisted Hair Transplant:

  • Increases the Growth and Density of Transplanted Hairs
  • Promotes Rapid Healing of the Donor Site
  • Improves Health and Vitality of Non-Transplanted Hair
  • Enhances the Survival Rate of Transplanted Hair


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Treatment Information

Considered a pioneer in the field of hair transplant surgery, Dr. Brandy has built his reputation as a leading hair transplant surgeon on his surgical innovation, transplantation technique and superior results. Today, Dr. Brandy is leading the way with Stem Cell & PRP Assisted Hair Transplant Surgery.

In recent years, it has become common knowledge within the scientific and medical communities that fat contains the most concentrated amount of stem cells in the body. Stem cells are the body’s natural healing mechanism; they have the unique ability to become another type of cell when needed. For example, when you cut your finger, stem cells facilitate the wound healing and regeneration of the damaged tissue.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from your own blood and contains a concentrated source of platelets rich in multiple growth factors. These growth factors facilitate wound healing and stimulate new hair growth.

Combining both stem cells and PRP therapy during hair transplant surgery stimulates hair growth and helps stabilize further hair loss. The combination of Stem Cell & PRP therapy is used in the following ways during Hair Transplant Surgery:

  • Injected into the various points in the scalp to promote new, healthy hair growth.
  • Placed in the donor site incision to encourage faster wound healing and minimize scarring.
  • The extracted hair will be bathed in the stem cell and PRP solution prior to implantation to add growth factors to the hair, reduce trauma to the extracted hair and stimulate healthy, hair growth.

In Pittsburgh, hair transplant surgery using Stem Cell Therapy & PRP is performed by board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dominic Brandy, MD at The Skin Center Medical Spa’s state-licensed and nationally-accredited (AAAHC) surgery center.

Stem Cell & PRP Hair Transplant Surgery

At The Skin Center in Pittsburgh, hair transplant surgery combined with stem cell therapy and PRP uses the unique repair mechanism of your own stem cells to provide rapid healing to the donor hair site and improve the vitality, density and growth of the transplanted hair as well as slow the hair loss process.

Stem Cell & PRP Assisted Hair Transplant is a multi-step surgical procedure. The first step is to remove the fat that will be purified down to stem cells through a conservative liposuction procedure. Typically the fat is removed from the abdomen, buttocks or love handles, but it can be removed from any area of the body where unwanted fat exists. Using a local anesthetic, the area of fat removal will be desensitized. A small cannula attached to a syringe will be placed under the skin; gently and systematically it will be moved back and forth as the fat fills the syringe. Using a special 32-step process, we will separate the stem cells from the fat.

Approximately 90 million stem cells will be derived through this process. Those stem cells will be mixed with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which contains multiple growth factors that trigger the healing and regeneration of the donor hair site, the newly transplanted hair as well as the existing hair.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Transplant

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Transplant simply uses a small amount of your own blood to stimulate the healing process and improve hair growth. Blood drawn during the pre-surgical process will be centrifuged so all that remains are concentrated and enriched platelets. As a concentrated source of platelets, PRP contains multiple growth factors that trigger the skin to heal itself, promote new cell growth and when added to hair transplant surgery, encourages faster hair graft growth. When the PRP is added to the hair transplant surgery, the healing time may be shortened and new hair growth can be denser and healthier.

Following your Stem Cell Assisted Hair Transplant Surgery, a supply of single application doses of PRP will be prepared and sent home with you. These doses will be packaged in an easy-to-administer vial and will need to be stored in your freezer.

Working in sections, you will apply a small amount of the PRP solution to your scalp and systematically roll the solution into your scalp using an at-home Micro Needle Roller. Using the remaining PRP, continue this process until the entire scalp has been treated.

The at-home PRP treatments will boost the results of your hair transplant surgery by continuing to supply growth factors and high-density nutrition to your newly transplanted hair.

Alternative Treatments

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Hair transplant is the most effective and long-lasting solution to hair loss or male pattern baldness. 
Hair Loss Treatments
Depending on the type and degree of hair loss you are experiencing, non-surgical hair loss options may help increase the thickness and condition of your hair.
PRP Hair Growth Treatment
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Growth Treatment is a non-surgical treatment that works by magnifying the body''s own natural healing mechanisms, or growth factors, to stimulate hair growth and improve the density and manageability of existing hair.

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