Patient Story - Randy

After considering hair transplant surgery for many years, Randy decided to meet with Pittsburgh, PA hair loss expert, Dominic Brandy, MD.  Randy chose to have hair transplant surgery to improve his hair loss. Randy had two follicular unit hair transplant surgeries which resulted in more than 4,700 follicular units transplanted.  Randy is thrilled with his thicker, fuller hair and naturally-growing hairline. 

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Randy received 2,212 total follicular units in two hair restoration sessions. 

After One Session

Randy's first procedure was performed on July 22, 2002, when he received 1,062 follicular units. The first "after" photo was taken 7 months after the first procedure just before a second, 1,150 follicular unit session.

After Two Sessions

Randy returned 8 months later for his second "after" photo.


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