Hair Transplant Case Studies

Featured Hair Transplant Patient: Arrow Family (3 Generations) 


While it may seem that men have an unfair advantage over women in the aging game –higher collagen density in men means that their skin remains firmer and youthful looking longer – the march of time still has its impact. And it bothers men almost as much as it does women, even if they are less likely to talk about. By the age of 50, approximately 85 percent of men will have significantly thinning hair. Some men experience the onset of androgenic alopecia, the official name for male pattern baldness, as early as their 20s. What begins with a slightly receding hairline spreads relentlessly, with many men going totally bald within 15 to 25 years, or sooner.

Male pattern baldness is often hereditary, as it was for Jim, age 62, his father Alex, and his son, Jim, Jr. , age 35. “My father had hair transplant surgery years ago, but he never mentioned where he had had it done, or who had done the surgery, other than he had visited a place in Pittsburgh,” says Jim Sr. “My brothers and I never asked him, but when I started seeing my own hair loss, I thought I would look into treatment options as well.” Looking back, Jim Sr. wishes he had asked, as his initial venture into hair loss treatment did not yield a good outcome.“I saw that my father looked good, so I opted to have a flap surgery procedure where they take a strip of hair from the side and flip it to the front. That was 20 some years ago. The person that I went to did a lousy job. It looked terrible, and I ended up wearing a piece for years.” 

Fast forward to 2013. Jim, unhappy with the appearance of his hair but tolerating the daily hassle of wearing a piece, learns that his son, Jim was also losing his hair and ready to put up a fight. Ever the dad, Jim decides that he would be the guinea pig for both of them, rather than risk a bad outcome for his son.
“My son and I did some research together, and I decided I would go first. I figured if they messed me up, it wouldn’t matter. I went online and looked at a lot of before-and-after photos. Some of the after shots were horrible. I’d also seen men that did not look good, whose hair looked unnatural, and I did not want that. When I found Dr. Brandy, I saw that his patients looked terrific. I also liked that it was him doing the procedure. My family is in the plumbing business. We know that when you get the boss, the job is going to be done well.”

Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dominic Brandy conducted Jim Sr.’s hair transplant surgery at the Skin Center for Men in Pittsburgh. Over a two-year period, Jim Sr. had four transplant procedures, and now has a full head of hair. Because of the flap procedure he had had years ago, Jim’s surgical plan was complicated. Hair that grows from flap surgery actually grows in the wrong direction, creating an unnatural appearance. “I think the world of Dr. Brandy. He really had a job with me,” says Jim. “He had to remake my whole hairline, and redo the entire front of my head. I’ve had so many negative experiences with doctors, but he is terrific, and makes you feel completely comfortable.” With Jim Sr. looking and feeling good, Jim, Jr. followed immediately after.

“My son had two procedures, and now has a full head of hair as well. He has that very dark, coarse Italian hair that does well with transplant. It easily took 10 years off him. He’s thrilled to death with his results.”
There’s another twist to this three-generational story. When Jim Sr.’s father, Alex, now retired, visited Pittsburgh from Florida, the two younger men shared that they had both had transplant surgery at The Skin Center with Dr. Brandy. Alex then told them that it was Dr. Brandy that had treated him more than 20 years ago. “We couldn’t believe it, that we’d picked the same guy,” says Jim laughing. “It was such a coincidence, and we never knew.”

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Featured Hair Transplant Patient: Rick Edwards

Rick Edwards | Hair Transplant Story"I wasn't worried about how I was going to look afterward. I saw enough of Dr. Brandy's 'before' and 'after' photos to feel comfortable with the finished result he told me I could expect.

My biggest concern was how I was going to look right after the procedure and as I was going through the process. I have to look good in front of the camera. That's how I make living.

As it turned out, I worried for nothing. The hairs just grew in naturally - sort of like a beard. There were no clumps of hair sprouting on my head. It really looked good."

Results After Hair Restoration

Randy B.

Randy received 2,212 total follicular units in two hair restoration sessions. You can see his progress below.


After One Session

Randy's first procedure was performed on July 22, 2002, when he received 1,062 follicular units. The first "after" photo was taken 7 months after the first procedure just before a second, 1,150 follicular unit session.

After Two Sessions

 Randy returned 8 months later for his second "after" photo.

Before and After Photos of Hair Transplant Repair

When hair transplantation was first introduced in the 1950's, it was a complicated procedure that resulted in unnatural, “pluggy” results. Fortunately, over the years, with the introduction of advanced instrumentation and newer techniques, specialists in this field are able to offer results that are remarkably natural.

Today, one of the biggest challenges faced by hair restoration surgeons is to improve the aesthetic appearance of a hairline that was transplanted years ago, or one that was transplanted by a doctor with little experience.

These patients have had prior hair transplantation done by other doctors. It is important to understand that the final result following hair transplant correction is, to some degree, impacted by the previous hair transplant.


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