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Hair Restoration: Dr. Dominic Brandy’s Approach

Pittsburgh hair restoration expert, Dominic Brandy, MD, has developed an exclusive approach to hair restoration, enabling him to harvest the correct type of hair, choose the appropriate follicular graft size and strategically position each follicular graft at the ideal angle for proper hair growth, all of which are critical in achieving the most natural-looking hairlines.

Dr. Brandy's approach to hair restoration maximizes the total number of hairs transplanted; as many as 3,000 hairs may be transplanted during a single session without compromising proper healing and hair growth.  This approach to hair restoration surgery minimizes the number of surgical visits.  This technique offers patients a more expedient finished result and looks very natural as the newly transplanted hairs grow.

Dr. Brandy’s meticulous, organized approach to hair transplant surgery achieves aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking results.  The most natural-looking result from hair restoration surgery is typically realized when 50 percent of the patient's original hair density is obtained.

Performed at The Skin Center Medical Spa’s state-licensed and nationally-accredited (AAAHC) surgery center in Pittsburgh, hair restoration surgery is performed exclusively by board-certified cosmetic surgeon and pioneer in the field of hair loss surgery, Dominic Brandy, MD. 

The Art of a Natural Hairline

The hairline is truly the most critically evaluated area of hair transplant surgery.

During face-to-face contact, your family, friends and colleagues will see and notice your hairline.  Re-creating a soft, natural hairline requires more than exceptional surgical skill and experience.

It takes a natural artistic ability that goes well beyond what is taught in medical school or acquired through experience.

Only surgeons with a strong sense for aesthetics, like Dr. Dominic Brandy, are able to re-create hairlines that enhance and complement the structure of the face, and duplicate naturally occurring hairlines.


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