Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatment: Non-Surgical

Depending on the type and degree of hair loss you are experiencing, non-surgical hair loss options may help increase the thickness and condition of your hair.  In Pittsburgh, hair loss treatments include:

Rogaine® Topical Hair Loss Treatment

Rogaine® (Minoxidil) is a topical solution available over the counter that is applied twice a day, and is the most popular hair loss treatment on the market today.  A common misconception about Rogaine is that it's a hair restoration shampoo for men. Rogaine is not a shampoo and should not be rinsed after it is applied.

Research has shown that 80 percent of men using Rogaine experience a slowing of further hair loss and, in some cases, report hair growth.

Propecia® Hair Loss Treatment

Propecia®, Finasteride, is a prescription medication available in a tablet form.  When taken daily, it can help prevent hair loss and for some people can produce a mild degree of hair growth.  Propecia works by suppressing DHT, a byproduct of testosterone, which when present causes hair follicles to shut down and induces hair loss.  Studies have shown that 90 percent of men who take Propecia stop hair loss and a small percentage begin to grow hair; results from a five-year extended study showed that 65% of men still had improved hair density.  Results from Propecia® treatment are apparent in three to 12 months. 

Low Level Laser Light Treatment w/ Capillus Cap for Hair Loss 

Capillus 272Low level laser therapy (LLLT) hair loss treatment using the Capillus® cap is an FDA-cleared treatment that involves wearing a cold low level laser light cap to help stimulate new hair growth while improving the thickness and manageability of the existing hair. LLLT treatments with the Capillus® are done in the comfort of your own home; simply wear the cap while watching TV, doing housework or reading.  The cool low level laser diodes inside the cap penetrate the scalp to increase blood and lymph circulation at the root of the hair, which helps decrease inflammation and energize the follicular cells causing hair to grow thicker and fuller.

Preventing hair loss with laser treatment has been shown to help stop hair loss progression and help convert hair from the resting phase to the growing phase. Laser light therapy can also be combined with hair restoration surgery to encourage the growth of newly transplanted hairs without the hairs first being shed, as typically happens after most hair transplant procedures.


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Alternative Treatments

Hair Transplant
Hair transplant is the most effective and long-lasting solution to hair loss or male pattern baldness. 

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